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Deep Darkness

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Deep Darkness
まきょう Makyo

Deep Darkness as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Tenda Village
The Jungle Opens Its Eyes

Deep Darkness is a swampy location in EarthBound, accessed by heading south from the Scaraban desert using Dungeon Man's yellow submarine. Some parts of Deep Darkness are deep enough that walking in them makes party members lose HP for lack of oxygen. It is necessary to traverse Deep Darkness to access Tenda Village. The Hawk Eye is essential for getting through the Deep Darkness.


  • Magic truffle
  • Magic truffle
  • Banana
  • Beef jerky
  • Magic truffle
  • IQ capsule
  • Cup of lifenoodles
  • Magic truffle
  • Souvenir coin
  • Rock candy
  • Magic truffle


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MasterBelchOverworld.png Big Pile of Puke 2/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite
DemonicPetuniaOverworld.png Demonic Petunia 2/128 chance of dropping a Spicy jerky
MiniBarfOverworld.png Even Slimier Little Pile 4/128 chance of dropping a Multi bottle rocket
PlainCrocodileOverworld.png Hard Crocodile 2/128 chance of dropping a Super plush bear
TerritorialOakOverworld.png Hostile Elder Oak Explodes upon defeat; 16/128 chance of dropping a Viper
ManlyFishOverworld.png Manly Fish 4/128 chance of dropping a Beef jerky
ManlyFishOverworld.png Manly Fish's Brother 1/128 chance of dropping a Horn of life
SmallEnemyOverworld.gif Pit Bull Slug 32/128 chance of dropping a Salt packet
ZapEelOverworld.png Zap Eel 2/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
MasterBarfOverworld.png Master Barf Boss; always drops a Casey bat

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