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One of the DCMC's performances.

DCMC (short for Desperado Crash Mambo Combo) is a rock band in Mother 3. They frequently perform at Club Titiboo, and also had a concert on the 24th floor of the Empire Porky Building. The band members are OJ the saxophonist, Magic the guitarist, Baccio the drummer, Shimmy Zmizz the pianist and on occasion, Lucky the bassist.

Role in Mother 3

In Chapter 4

The DCMC were first introduced in Chapter 4. When Lucas approaches the train station in Tazmily Village, he overhears Bronson and Jackie talking about a DCMC member who resembles Duster. Later in the chapter, after Lucas defeats the Jealous Bass, he and Boney jump into the band's backstage where the DCMC where staying. Lucas and Kumatora, who is disguised as a waitress called Violet, explained Lucky's story to the DCMC. The band accept Lucky's leaving at one condition: Lucas must beat each member in a game of Stone-Sheet-Clippers (Rock-Paper-Scissors) in succession. If the wrong option is chosen, their match is interrupted and Lucas is given another chance. After Lucas wins against each member, Duster rejoins his party.

In Chapter 8

The DCMC are seen again in Chapter 8, where they ask Duster to perform with them for the last time in the Concert Hall on the 24th floor of the Empire Porky Building. However, their concert is cut short when the power goes out, with an announcement calling Lucas' party to the 100th floor. They later help Lucas and his friends defeat the last remaining Mecha-Porkies

List of known songs


  • Remixes of all of the songs DCMC have played are available on the Mother 3+ soundtrack.
  • The band's name, DCMC, is an obvious parody of the band AC/DC, a major rock band popular in America.
  • The band's song, Big Shot's Theme, is reused from the tailor music in Earthbound 64.

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