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Chommo is the easternmost region of the world of EarthBound.

Chommo (Japanese: チョンモ Chommo) is a region in EarthBound. It is geographically located south of Foggyland and southeast of Eagleland. Chommo is the last region Ness and his friends visit in the game. The region is mostly desert, with a possibility of having a dark swamp. Dalaam and Scaraba are located in the Chommo region.

Points of Interest

Being a desert region, Chommo does not have many civilized cities and towns. The only cities that appeared in EarthBound in Chommo are Dalaam and Scaraba. To the south of Scaraba is a large desert with many pyramids. The southern most pyramid (known as "The Pyramid") holds the Hawk Eye item, which is vital to get through Deep Darkness. The Pyramid is also the only way of getting to the southern half of the desert where Dungeon Man resides.

It is unconfirmed, but very likely that Deep Darkness, and thus, the Tenda Village and the Lost Underworld are part of Chommo by extension.


  • The real-world counterpart to Chommo is estimated to be the region covering from Northern Africa to Southern Asia. Scaraba shares resemblance, geographical features, and history to that of Africa or the Middle East. Dalaam's inclusion in the area, however, suggests a connection to Asia as well.[1]
  • The name of Chommo comes from the native name of Mount Everest in Nepal, the highest mountain in the world. Everest is called "Chomolungma" in the Tibetan language, transliterated as "chomoranma (チョモランマ)" in Japanese. Note that the Japanese name for Dalaam is "Ramma (ランマ)". Owing to this etymology, Chommo is the only region in EarthBound that doesn't end in "land".


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