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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Club Titiboo
Club Titiboo
Chapter 4.png
Playable character Lucas
Main party Lucas
Main locations Tazmily Village
Club Titiboo

Chapter 4 is the fourth numbered chapter in Mother 3, out of the 8 chapters in the game.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution. Warning!

Three Years Later

The chapter opens up with a couple of flashbacks of various scenes from Lucas's past, such as him and Claus together, him at his mother's funeral, him with the Dragos attacking Fassad and various Pigmasks, and finally, one of him and Flint at Hinawa's grave. After the flashbacks, a now-older Lucas is shown waking up in his house. He walks over to the mirror, and is reminded of how Hinawa used to brush his hair. Lucas then goes to get dressed, and walks outside. It has been three years since Fassad introduced Happy Boxes to the village, and much has changed. Lightning has repeatedly struck the sheep's shed, and two of the sheep have charred wool from the lightning. Lucas walks over to Boney's doghouse, and goes to take him on a walk around the town. A frog calls out to the two of them, and explains the new currency system of DP. Walking out into the town, it is shown to have changed radically in the last three years, with more urban-styled houses, stores, a commercial hotel, a train station, and overall improved technology. Many of the townspeople comment on how getting a Happy Box has improved their life and has indeed made them happier, and wonder why Lucas hasn't got one yet, while others will ask him about how Flint is doing and if he's still up in the mountains searching for Claus.

When Lucas approaches the train station north of the village square, Bronson and Jackie exit one of the trains, and briefly discuss one of the band members of DCMC. Jackie insists that the bassist is an amnesic Duster and that they should tell Wess, but Bronson tells him to not get Wess's hopes up for nothing if it turns out to be a coincidence. They then walk back to their homes, and Lucas goes back to the village square. There is a scene going on between Wess and Fassad, with Wess lashing out at him for all of the suspicious lightning incidents and to get out of the town. Fassad tells him to not run away from happiness like he's attempting to, and calls up for a Pigmask to take him away with a giant butterfly net for his behavior. He then attempts to convince Lucas to get a Happy Box, but he simply ignores him and goes to check on Wess at the retirement home. He tells him about how there's a bassist at Club Titiboo bearing a heavy resemblance to Duster, and Wess asks Lucas to go see if he really is Duster or not. He then gives him a pigeon to use as a message carrier, and Lucas goes off to investigate.

To the Factory

The only way to get to Club Titiboo is to be an employee of the nearby factory, only accessible by taking the train. However, Lucas can't afford to take the train, and is forced to walk on the tracks to get to the factory. When he is about to enter the tunnel, a man warns him to not walk directly on the tracks, in case a train is on it and they might get hit by it, and gives him a map of the railway tunnel. Lucas and Boney then go out to explore the tunnel, fighting off any Slitherhens and Ramblin' Mushrooms inside. They come across a part of the railway where Magic Butterflies are frequently flying about, and Boney notices some clothes lying next to a ladder. Lucas goes up the ladder and finds a hot spring with a Magypsy bathing in it. He goes to talk to it, and the Magypsy introduces themselves as Ionia. Ionia then senses that Lucas has the ability to use PSI, and wonders if this is the same boy that he met three years ago and taught PSI powers to. Lucas says that he lacks the powers, however, and Ionia goes to teach him how to use PSI. By holding his head underwater for a period of time, Lucas then realizes his abilities, and learns three techniques- Healing α, Lifeup α, and PK Love α. Ionia is shocked that Lucas has the ability to use PK Love, and tells him that they'll be sure to meet again sometime in the future. Lucas then goes back on his way to the factory, armed with his new psychic abilities.

After exiting the tunnel, the factory is in sight, being right outside the train station. Lucas and Boney enter, and the Clayman factory is luckily still hiring. Lucas is then assigned to transport low-energy Claymen up to the restoring machine, while Boney is left running on a treadmill. After he brings up all three of the low-energy Claymen, Lucas earns 200 DP, and a ticket to Club Titiboo. He goes to go get Boney, and they both head for the Ropeway Station to the club.

In the Club

After a ride up the cable car, Club Titiboo is just a short walk away. However, there are two bodyguards at the entrance. Lucas and Boney try to enter, but are shortly stopped for being too young and being a dog, respectively. The two then shuffle off, making sad faces to hopefully earn the bodyguards' sympathy and get in the club. They don't buy it, however, and the two are left to their other plan- dress Boney up in a shirt and hat, and have him walk upright. One of the bodyguards almost buys this disguise, however, they still block Lucas and Boney from entering. Suddenly, a pink-haired waitress walks out of the club, and recognizes the duo. She requests special permission for them to enter, and the bodyguards allow it.

The waitress whispers to Lucas that she's really Kumatora in disguise, and that she'll explain the situation after the DCMC show. She then suggests that they get a seat at the concert area, seeing as the show's about to start. Lucas and Boney take the suggestion, and sit back and relax for a moment with some sodas while the band performs. During the show, the bassist's wig notably slips off for a moment, hinting more at the fact that he may be Duster. Afterwards, Kumatora whispers to Lucas again to meet her out in the lobby and follow her. Lucas and Boney then follow her to a short underground path, leading to her private room.

Kumatora then apologizes for having to take them through the slimy path, and goes to take a shower. Lucas waits for her to finish showering, and then shortly afterwards, she comes out and explains the current situation. They discuss many things, such as what happened to Salsa, Duster's disappearance and apparent reappearance, and why she ended up here. Kumatora explains that she started working for Club Titiboo to get more information on DCMC and their bassist, Lucky, who she suspects has to be an amnesic Duster. She also has a theory that Lucky/Duster may get his memory jogged upon seeing Lucas again, and tells him to go meet him. After their discussion, Kumatora goes off to gather the DCMC members for a meeting, but because of all the bodyguards around their rooms, she tells Lucas of a secret path in her room and reveals a hidden ladder leading up to the attic. The attic has a hole leading to Lucky's room, and he can sneak in there safely by going through it.

Lucas and Boney go through the attic, consisting of many different rooms. Many bats and spiders lurk about here, along with old electric guitars and drums. When they finally reach the hole, an old bass happens to be blocking the way, enraged about being replaced by a new bass. In its rage, it attacks Lucas and Boney, and they must defeat it in order to pass through and get to Lucky's room. They manage to take it down, and then drop down the hole.

The two have apparently arrived just in time, seeing as Kumatora just finished explaining the situation to Lucky and the rest of the band. However, Lucky still doesn't recognize Lucas, but he does mention that the earliest memory that he can recall is one of him clutching an odd egg, trying at all costs to keep it safe, and that he doesn't exactly remember his real name either. He apparently buried it inside an old clod of dirt in the Unknown Valley, and Kumatora insists that they all go and try and find it. Lucky is torn between leaving the band to pursue the Egg of Light, or stay with his friends and continue his passion for music. The rest of the band members decide that they should ask destiny on what to do, or rather, play Stone-Sheet-Clippers (Rock-Paper-Scissors). They agree if Lucas wins against all of band members in a row, then destiny has chosen that Lucky goes with him to find the Egg of Light. However, if he loses once, then Lucky stays with the band. They then face off in five rounds of Stone-Sheet-Clippers, with Lucas winning every round. The band is at first sad to see Lucky go, but they believe that destiny has chosen that he goes with Lucas and Kumatora to search for the Egg of Light. Kumatora then runs off to go take care of the bodyguards outside and change out of her waitress outfit, with shouting and punching noises heard in the background. Lucky then accepts his real name, Duster, and joins Lucas's party.

Walking outside, Kumatora's shown in her regular dress and her hair down, and she joins the party as well. Lucas then sends out Wess's carrier pigeon as a sign that they have indeed found Duster, and the four set off to search for the Egg of Light.

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  • When Lucas and Boney try to get into Club Titiboo with Boney in disguise, Kumatora, as Violet, insists on the guards letting them in. She introduces them as "the underage-smelling Poo, and the dog-smelling Wuuf". Poo is the name of one of the protagonists in EarthBound.
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