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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Thief Adventure
Thief Adventure
Chapter 2.png
Playable character Duster
Main party Duster
Main locations Tazmily Village
Sunset Cemetery
Osohe Castle

Chapter 2 is the second numbered chapter in Mother 3, out of the 8 chapters in the game.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution. Warning!

Important Mission

Duster is shown walking out of his basement in the middle of the night, being called out by his father, Wess. Wess has a very important task for him, and wishes to discuss it as thief master and apprentice. The task, he says, is what he has been preparing for Duster ever since he was a young child, and the time has come to put his skills to use. Wess briefly describes that the job is to reach Osohe Castle, and retrieve an important item for safekeeping. He makes a point to not describe the item too much, telling Duster that a real thief should be able to sense his target. Allowing his son to take the secret Thief Tools from the basement, he sends him out of the house and to the castle.

However, on the way to the cemetery, Duster bumps into an unfamiliar man and his monkey. The man politely apologizes for the collision, and walks off. Further down the path, Butch is standing next to a large bag. Butch explains that the traveler that Duster just ran into gave him the large bag in exchange for his pigs, and it's filled with money! However, neither of them understand what money is or what it's for, and Butch goes to hide it in the village well. Duster goes back on his way, and when he reaches the crossroads, a mysterious flying object is dropping something into the cemetery. Continuing north, zombies are starting to rise out of the cemetery, and Duster's surrounded. He fights off four of them, and heads to the castle.

The castle drawbridge is up, and Duster can't get through. He turns back, and Nippolyte is shown walking back into his cabin. Duster follows him inside, and there is a secret underground passage concealed behind his bookcase. The passageway leads to inside the castle, and Nippolyte is tending to his secret gardens inside the courtyard. Duster finds out that the castle gate is locked, however, there's a scalable wall nearby that he can use Wall Staples on. He climbs up, and finally is able to enter.

Inside Osohe Castle

Walking around the castle, Duster finds that there the path downstairs is blocked by rubble, and he's stuck on the second floor. There is a statue holding a large metal ball, however, and he gets the idea to ram into it to make the ball fall over and crash through the floor, creating a hole downstairs. Exploring the castle further, it is shown to be haunted, with both friendly and malicious ghosts inhabiting the area. The friendly ghosts are having a dinner party in one of the rooms, and share their Rotten Eclairs with Duster. Although he cannot eat the Rotten Eclairs like other food items, he can trade them at a friendly ghost's shop for various items, such as a Rope Snake.

In the dining room, Duster finds a wall he can scale with his Wall Staples, with the third floor now accessible. He crosses the nearby gap using his new Rope Snake, and proceeds down the hallway. When walking up the stairs, Duster encounters a unknown woman as she runs off and accidentally leaves behind her pendant. He picks up the pendant, and continues searching for the important item he was sent to retrieve. Down the hall on the fourth floor, there is a poltergeist wreaking havoc with loud music and flinging furniture everywhere. When Duster approaches the ghost, it asks him to listen to its symphony, but he refuses and ends up enraging the ghost. The music-loving poltergeist then attacks him, and Duster is locked in combat with it. He manages to defeat it, and the room is calm once again. Duster proceeds through the door, and picks up what he believes to be the object he was searching for- the Noble Spittoon.

Return Trip

Duster is able to unlock the castle gate from the inside, and when he exits, the sun has risen and the townspeople are out and about again. He rushes back home with his new prize, and shows Wess the Noble Spittoon. Wess examines it, and appears pleased at first... but it turns out that the Noble Spittoon wasn't the object Duster was sent out to find! Wess smashes the jar out of rage, and insults him a couple of times before noticing the pendant that Duster is holding. While the pendant wasn't the object either, it appears to be owned by the princess of Osohe Castle, and Wess is rather intrigued by this find. He accompanies Duster back to the castle, and tells him to go back to the room where he found the Noble Spittoon.

On the trip back to the graveyard, however, large tanks accompanied by strange music are shown to be invading the castle! The Pigmasks are also after the treasure Duster was looking for, and he must get to the item before they do. The thief duo dash inside the castle, and the Pigmasks attack them with a living clay man. Duster and Wess fight it back, and when the Clayman is defeated, the two Pigmasks are left rather flustered and flee to deeper inside the castle. When Duster goes to investigate the rest of the castle, Pigmasks are everywhere, trashing the place in haste to find the coveted item. He and Wess make their way back to where the Noble Spittoon was, and Wess takes note of the strange face-like door, saying that it must have been opened recently by the castle's princess. He tells Duster to look away temporarily, and does a special dance to open the door.

The Heist Continues

The door opens, revealing a room with a staircase going up and a view of a needle-like object sticking out of the ground outside of the castle. Duster and Wess make their way up the stairs, and are nearly hit by a blast of PK Freeze. The attacker is shown to be the woman Duster saw earlier, and recognizes Wess. Her leg is caught in a trap of sorts, and Wess disarms the trap and lets her go. She introduces herself as Kumatora, and Duster gives her the pendant back. Kumatora then joins Duster's party, and is escorted by him up the castle.

The three finally reach the top of the castle, and find the item that they were looking for - the Egg of Light. However, Pigmasks and Claymen are charging at the door, and they must retrieve the egg and escape quickly. Kumatora grabs the egg, but Wess is a little late on warning her about the various traps that are set up, and they fall down a hole into a pit of water. Everyone appears to be safe, and the Egg of Light is still in their possession, but then a large serpent-like monster attacks! They manage to fight it off, but its defeat triggers a whirlpool and they get pulled in. Kumatora and Wess are shown to have washed up unconscious on the river nearby the bridge, but Duster and the egg are nowhere to be found. Fuel and Lighter find them, and take the two back to Wess's house. They then wake up, and head to the town square to start searching for Duster.

There appears to be a rather large scene being made in the square when they arrive. Butch is panicking about his money not being in the well anymore, and pins the blame on Duster for stealing it. Wess and Kumatora attempt to defend Duster, while Flint steps in the commotion and tells everyone to calm down. The chapter then ends there with the mystery of where Duster and the Egg of Light disappeared off to.

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