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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
Night of the Funeral
Night of the Funeral
Chapter 1.png
Playable character Flint
Main party Flint
Main locations Tazmily Village
Sunshine Forest
Drago Plateau

Chapter 1 is the first out of the eight numbered chapters in Mother 3.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution. Warning!

Rescuing Lighter and Fuel

The forest is being lit on fire with explosives, and the animals are restless. Thomas rushes to Flint's house, hoping he'll help solve the chaos, and frantically knocks at his door. While panicking, the doorknob falls off, and Flint comes out of his house. Thomas begs for Flint's help, and he agrees to assist with the situation. The two hear of Lighter and Fuel being trapped in the burning forest, along with Hinawa and the twins not being able to get back home, and they rush to the area. If Flint also stops by the forest sanctuary, a voice will call out and ask for the player's name. Traveling north through the forest, Flint and Thomas come across some mysterious people in pig suits as they release three reconstructed fireflies out into the forest. Further up north is Lighter on the ground, however, Fuel is still trapped in the house. Thomas stays behind to take care of Lighter and lead him out of the forest, while Flint goes on ahead to save Fuel.

On approaching the house, there is a mouse with wings flying around. Flint breaks down the door by dashing into it, and the mouse attacks. He manages to defeat it, and rushes upstairs to go get Fuel. There are some large pieces of wood in the way, and there's fire throughout the house. Flint rams through the wood and grabs Fuel, exiting the house. As they exit, the house finally crumbles down, and the two are covered in soot. They then make their way south through the forest, and Flint reunites Lighter and Fuel just east of the forest sanctuary. It starts raining, and the fire is slowly put out. Everyone relocates to the Yado Inn as shelter from the rain and to relax for a while.

Searching for Flint's Family

Flint exits the inn, and Isaac approaches him. He asks Flint if his family has returned, and tells him that he saw Hinawa while out in the mountains. Isaac also says that he heard a Drago roaring, followed by screams. He expresses concern for Hinawa, and tells Flint to go check if his family made the trip back safely. Flint heads back to his home, and receives the letter that Hinawa sent him earlier. However, when he goes inside, there is still no one home. Isaac and Fuel come inside the house, and see that the family's not back yet. Isaac goes to tell the villagers about this and get their help searching for Hinawa and the twins, and Fuel leaves to go tell his dad what's going on. Flint also goes outside to search for his wife and children, and gets Boney, the family dog, to join in as well.

Heading back to the forest, all the villagers are outside and assisting in a search for Flint's family. However, no one has succeeded so far, and the search continues. The western portion of the forest is now accessible, previously being blocked by massive fires, and Flint follows the path, heading north. However, there have been several trees knocked over and snapped in half, blocking the way. Isaac and Lighter help out in moving the trees, and tell everyone else to keep looking and split up into groups. Flint heads west from the blockade, and is stopped again, this time by a large cliff. There are Drago claw marks in the wall, and a small scrap of red cloth is visible from the top of the cliff. Wess walks up and suggests that his son, Duster, may be able to scale the cliff with his special skills, and gets Boney to retrieve him. Boney runs through the forest and town, wearing a yellow ribbon as a special message that Duster will apparently understand. However, when Boney arrives at Duster's house, he's fast asleep, and is left to drag him through the heavy rain. Halfway there, Duster wakes up and heads to the cliff. Duster is nervous about using his special technique - Wall Staples - for the first time for such a large task, but succeeds and Flint may scale the cliff safely.

When Flint reaches the top of the cliff, Duster joins his party, and the two continue with their search. However, Flint meets those pig-masked men again, accompanied by a Reconstructed Caribou. The caribou attacks, and the two team up to defeat it. After the fight, the Pigmasks run away, and accidentally leave behind a notebook briefly mentioning the Chimera project. However, when Flint and Duster continue traveling up north, a section of the cliff has crumbled away and they cannot continue. They head back down the cliff, and come back to good news- Lucas and Claus have been found! The twins had apparently washed up beside one of the rivers, and are waiting beside a small campfire now. Flint goes to go see them and take a small break from the search for now. After relaxing for a while, however, Bronson rushes towards Flint, pale-faced and bearing both good and bad news.

Good and Bad News

Bronson hesitates at first to reveal the news, struggling to find the right words for it. He finally concludes to reveal the good news first, saying that he found a Drago Fang while searching in the mountains. However, the bad news is that he found that Drago Fang stabbed through Hinawa's body. Everyone is shocked by this revelation, especially Flint. Flint, in a confused rage, picks up a large piece of wood from the campfire, and starts swinging it around. Abbot and Bronson try to calm him down, but Flint hits Abbot. Ollie tries to take the wood from him, and ends up getting hit as well. Lighter gets up behind him and hits Flint with his two-by-four, knocking Flint out. Bronson takes the unconscious Flint to the sheriff's office, and puts him in the jail.

When Flint wakes up, Bronson tells him to stop by his house later to pick up the Drago Fang, as he was going to make it into a weapon, and leaves the sheriff's office. Flint walks around the jail for a while, and Claus comes in holding an apple. Claus was going to give the apple to him, and urges him to eat the whole thing. He then dashes off, and when Flint goes to eat the apple, there's a nail file concealed in it! Flint uses the nail file to break the rusted lock on the jail, and manages to get out.

Flint is told by Duster outside of the jail that the townspeople were at Sunset Cemetery, visiting Hinawa's grave. Everyone is gathered around her grave, mourning and apologizing to Flint for his loss. Lucas is sitting in front, next to Alec, and is very upset about losing his mother. Alec wonders where Claus went, and asks Lucas about where he went. He attempts to deny the fact that Claus took his father's knife and went up to the mountains to face the Dragos, but slips up and reveals too much about his plans. Alec is outraged that Lucas let him go off on the mountains alone, and ends up making Lucas cry and run away. He then suggests to Flint that they prepare for a fight against the Drago, meet each other at Alec's house at Mt. Oriander, and search for Claus.

Searching Around the Plateau

Remembering that Bronson told him to pick up the Drago Fang, Flint heads over to Bronson's house. The Drago Fang is ready to be used, and it's the only weapon that can used to kill a Drago. Flint then begins traveling north to Alec's house, going through Sunshine Forest and up around the mountain. After reaching the house, Alec says that his friends might know where Claus ran off to, and explains that his friends are mysterious beings with magical powers, but are good-natured. They are the Magypsies, and Alec suspects that Claus might have visited them.

The two walk along the mountain, following where the Magypsy's assistants, the Arrow Lizards, point to. They soon arrive at the Magypsy house, where six of them have gathered to have a monthly party. The Magypsies introduce themselves, and state that Claus indeed stopped by their home. They taught him how to use PSI, and let him continue on his journey to avenge Hinawa. Alec is outraged by this, and urges Flint to hurry to the Drago Plateau. He then suggests that they take the cave behind the Magypsy house, which leads to the Drago's home. Flint and Alec navigate the dark cave, relying on Alec's memory to get through the maze-like tunnels, and manage to get through.

Exiting the cave, they only have a short way to walk to reach the Drago, and hopefully find Claus before it's too late. Along the path, Flint comes across a baby Drago holding a single shoe resembling the pair that Claus always wears. They press on, and finally encounter the reconstructed Drago that killed Hinawa. The Mecha-Drago attacks Flint, and he charges at it with the newly-weaponized Drago Fang. After a long and hard fight, the Mecha-Drago falls over, weakened. Flint is about to attack it once more for a fatal blow, but Alec stops him, saying that he would only put the baby Drago through what Claus and Lucas are experiencing. Claus is nowhere to be found, and it is revealed only to the player that he's injured and lying on the ground, unconscious or possibly dead. However, this fact is completely unknown to the villagers, including Flint, and so Claus has gone missing.

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