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Cave of the Past

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Cave of the Past
さいていこく The Great Under World

Cave of the Past
The Cave of the Past, as seen in EarthBound.
Cave of the Past
The Cave of the Past, before traveling through time to fight Giygas.

Connected areas
Lost Underworld
The Place

The Cave of the Past[1] (also referred to as the Tunnel of the Past[2]) is the final location in EarthBound, and is where Ness and his friends fight Giygas.

Ness and company can briefly glimpse the area from an entrance in the Lost Underworld, but cannot do anything at the time. They later arrive here via the second version of the Phase Distorter, after retrieving the Zexonyte for Dr. Andonuts.

Once the party arrives from Saturn Valley, they are greeted by the Star Master, who promptly teaches Poo how to use PSI Starstorm Ω before departing. They then discover the destroyed, first Phase Distorter and the Mr. Saturn who was kidnapped in it by Pokey. It is at this point that Dr. Andonuts arrives with the final Phase Distorter to send the party back in time as robots to confront Giygas. The Cave of the Past is then navigated by teleporting between strange spheres, until the party reaches the Devil's Machine where the final boss fight takes place.

As it is the final location, Exit Mice cannot be used here, although a glitch in Mother 1+2 subverts this.

The music for the Cave of the Past before traveling back in time is derived from the song All You Need Is Love by The Beatles, specifically the section based on La Marseillaise. The music after traveling back in time instead is an ominous variation on Deirdre by The Beach Boys.[3]


  • Legendary bat


Sprite Enemy name Notes
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Bionic Kraken 1/128 chance of dropping a Gutsy bat
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Final Starman 4/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Ghost of Starman 1/128 chance of dropping a Goddess ribbon
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Nuclear Reactor Robot Explodes upon defeat; 16/128 chance of dropping a Super bomb
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Squatter Demon 2/128 chance of dropping a Horn of life
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Ultimate Octobot 16/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
DiamondShapedEnemy.gif Wild 'n Wooly Shambler 8/128 chance of dropping a Multi bottle rocket
Heavily Armed Pokey Heavily Armed Pokey Boss
GiygasOverworld.png Giygas Final boss


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