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Cast Roll is a feature in all three Mother games. It is presented to the player at the end of the game, and shows the overworld sprites for almost all the characters found in the game. The protagonist and the party members are mostly seen near the end, and major characters are seen beforehand.

In Mother

No names are given to any of the characters, but some, such as Ninten's family, should be recognizable. Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, and Teddy are shown at the same time, and stay on screen longer than all the others. This game's cast roll is viewable only in the Earth Bound prototype and Mother 1+2. This not being in the original game, along with the cutscene before that, confused most people at the time, because Teddy was gravely injured in the end, so after Giegue is defeated, his fate was not known.

In EarthBound

It mentions the names of all the characters. In the end, the photograph guy will 'take a picture' of the player. The credits that follow, which consist of all the pictures taken over the journey, won't show this picture, since the game, or any TV it is played on, cannot actually accomplish this.

In Mother 3

The majority of the characters appear, and most of the important characters will perform special actions based on their role in the game. Their actions are as follows:

  • Lighter & Fuel: Lighter whacks a Firefly flying around him.
  • Bud & Lou: do their usual comedian act.
  • Alec: gets pointed at by an Arrow Lizard.
  • Butch: walks by with a cow, his pig, and the money Fassad stole from him.
  • Scamp: appears as a tombstone, then as his actual overworld sprite.
  • Nippolyte: digs the ground while zombies appear behind him.
  • Wess: does the dance performed in front of the secret door at Osohe Castle.
  • Duster: watches Wess dance, then runs off (appears later with the DCMC).
  • Friendly Ghosts: turn into Stinky Ghosts.
  • Item Guy: walks by with his cart.
  • DCMC: plays music, then Duster, as Lucky, joins.
  • Kumatora: appears as her Violet disguise, then appears as herself and runs off.
  • Bucket Bros.: scoop water.
  • Claymen: one is broken, so another drags it off.
  • Ultimate Chimera: notices something and walks off the screen.
  • Mr. Saturn: four appears, one of whom is "fishing for birdies", and then the Mr. Saturn who gave Lucas the Franklin Badge appears. Five of them later appears piled up alongside Leder.
  • Leder: rings his bell.
  • Dragos: roar.
  • Magypsies: do things associated with how they appeared in-game.
  • Save Frogs: all the different types of frogs that has been present throughout the game appear.
  • Fassad: eats a banana, while his interpreter spins past him.
  • Pigmasks: do hand gestures, while assembling in their respective ranks.
  • Chauffeur & Mini-Porky: Chauffer changes hat and holds his microphone, while Mini-Porky flashes blue.
  • Oxygen Supply: make faces, as if giving oxygen.
  • Porky: appears as a Mecha-Porky, then as the real Porky in the spider mecha.
  • Masked Man: Takes off mask, then continues onto his own name as Claus.
  • Flint & Hinawa: talk to Claus.
  • Boney: runs towards Claus and shows affection.
  • Lucas & Claus: run off, which then continues on to credits.
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