Canary Village

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Canary Village
カナリア村 Canary Village

Canary Village as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas
Choucream Zoo

Canary Village is a location present in Mother, which lies northwest of Podunk and southwest of the Choucream Zoo. It was founded in 1907.[1] Its inhabitants do mostly consist of canaries, with the exception of one human being who more or less seems to look out for the rest of the residents. The main role this place serves is that it is where the second melody can be found (although Ninten chronologically can achieve it as the third one); more specific, a canary named Laura sings it after Ninten returns her child to her. Her child, the Canary Chick, can be bought from the topmost floor of the department store in Podunk for $85, although Ninten can get it for free if he replies to the offer with a no. Laura is located just outside of the northern part of the wall that covers the village, and can be reached by going behind the only spire which is silver; after Ninten shows the chick for her, she will be overjoyed by the reunion and sing the second melody.

The village also acts as a wildlife refuge as no hunting is permitted,[2] and the admission to the village is free.[3] The village itself looks more like a simple natural environment except for the brickwall which surrounds it, as there are plenty of trees and no visible pavements; though there also are a few spires symmetrically placed. The village is also enclosed by several streams and can thus only be reached by two bridges which are connecting it to land.


Canary Village as it appears in Encyclopedia Mother


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