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Boats are vehicles in Mother and EarthBound.

In Mother

The boat in Mother.

A single boat is found in the lake on Mt. Itoi. It is required in order to find Eve in the underground laboratory below the lake. The engine is busted, however, and must be repaired before it can be used. Neither Ninten, Ana, or Teddy have the ability to repair it. Lloyd, however, repairs it almost instantly. After taking it to the central whirlpool in the lake, the boat is demolished, as Ninten's party is taken into the underground laboratory unharmed.

In EarthBound

The boat's small appearance from EarthBound.
The boat sailed from Toto in EarthBound.

In EarthBound, a boat in Toto is required in order to cross the sea and reach Scaraba. The boat's captain, unhappy about his wife's interest in the Stoic Club, will not ferry Ness across unless he first eats his wife's magic cake. When Ness finally is able to enter the boat, the party is attacked by a Kraken. After defeating the Kraken and arriving in Scaraba, the boat may be ridden from Toto to Scaraba at any time.

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