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Blades are weapons used by Teddy and Poo in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, respectively; mainly being swords and knives.

In EarthBound Beginnings

The blades in Mother are equippable items that only can be used by Teddy. There is a total of four different blades that can be obtained throughout the game, with varying Offense increasing values.

Butter Knife


The Butter Knife, abbreviated in-game to ButterKnife, (ナイフ Knife) is the weakest of the blade weapons, increasing Teddy's offense by 15 when equipped. It can be purchased for $580 in the department store of Ellay; one Butter Knife can be found in a present in the center of Sweet's Little Factory.

In-game description

"Teddy can master it."

Survival Knife


The Survival Knife, abbreviated in-game to Surv.Knife, (サバイバルナイフ Survival Knife) increases Teddy's offense by 38 when equipped. It can be purchased for $1200 in the department store of Ellay.

In-game description

"Hey Teddy, this is stronger than an ordinary Knife."



The Sword (アシガルソード Ashigaru Sword) increases Teddy's offense by 46 when equipped. The Sword can only be obtained once in the game, which is from a present located in the Magicant Underground; more specifically, in the area that is connected with the underground's exit.

In-game description

"Few people can master it."



The Katana (KATANA Katana) is Teddy's best offense-affecting equipment, and the overall strongest offense-affecting item in the game, increasing his offense by 58 when equipped. It can only be obtained from a present in the maze-like caves of Mt. Itoi, where Ninten's and Ana's most powerful offense-increasing items coincidentally also are found, being the Hank's Bat and Iron Skillet, respectively.

In-game description

"This Japanese sword is the best Teddy has seen yet. "

In EarthBound

List of blades in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Sword of kings おうじゃのつるぎ
Sword of kings
+30 N/A Dropped by Starman Super (1/128 chance)


Butter Knife.png
Art of the Butter Knife (Knife) from EarthBound Beginnings.
Artwork of the Sword of kings from EarthBound.

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