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Bla-Bla Gang

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The Bla-Bla Gang (Japanese: ブラブラドだん), short for Black Blood Gang (Japanese: ブラックブラッドだん), is a gang present in Mother, led by Teddy. Its creation was influenced by Teddy's parents being killed by mountain creatures when he was very young. The townsfolk call the Gang Members "B.B. Gangs," which are described by townsfolk as terrible, while their leader is described as powerful enough to defeat the party with his pinkie finger alone. After the fight with Teddy at the Live House, he will join Ninten's team for a short amount of time in order to avenge the death of his parents. Teddy replaces Lloyd in the party and borrows his goods because he deems him unfit for fighting. When Teddy is with the party, members of the gang will talk to Ninten's party like any other NPC. When Teddy is not in the party, however, the gang members will instead attack them. If they are defeated, they will remain on the overworld map, and can be fought again if spoken to. This can be done an infinite number of times.

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