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Battle Memory

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Battle Memory
The Battle Memory

The Battle Memory (Japanese: たたかいのきおく Fight Memory) is a key item in Mother 3. It is obtained in Osohe Castle in Chapter 2. It can be used to keep track of enemies that have been fought, and can view the different battle sprites for enemies. It is also possible to battle enemies in the Battle Memory from the device itself by pressing the start button. These enemies have infinite HP, but do not attack, although HP and PP are still depleted from the characters. Any HP or PP that is lost will be restored upon exiting the battle. The Trivia Cards can be used on human enemies here as well. In the Mother 3 fan translation, if every enemy is in the Battle Memory, it will display a silver star. If all of the front and back sprites of the enemies are in the Battle Memory, it will display a gold star alongside the silver star. A glitch involving enemies that drop down from the ceiling such as Sticky Slugs allows multiple enemies to be seen in a single battle in the Battle Memory.

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