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Awesome items

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The awesome items are a set of special equipment in Mother 3, exclusively for Lucas. They raise his defense, among other stats.

Awesome Cloak

Awesome Cloak

The Awesome Cloak (Japanese: すっごいマント Awesome Cloak) is obtained by fighting Pigmask Colonels, with a 3% chance of being dropped after battle. However, there are only two points in the game when Lucas can fight Pigmask Colonels, with once being a single battle near the end of Chapter 7, and another time being on one of the floors of the Empire Pork Building in Chapter 8. It lowers the damage of fire and ice attacks by 40%.

Awesome Crown

Awesome Crown
PP Defense
+30 +20

The Awesome Crown (Japanese: すっごいかんむり Awesome Crown) is located deep underwater in the Sea Floor Dungeon, being guarded by a Fish Roe Man. Lucas must defeat the Fish Roe Man to obtain the Awesome Crown. It lowers the chance of becoming forgetful by 50%.

Awesome Ring

Awesome Ring
PP Defense
+30 +30

The Awesome Ring (Japanese: すっごいリング Awesome Ring) is in the Empire Pork Building, inside one of the many bathrooms on the fourth floor visited. It is in the same bathroom that the Ultimate Chimera is hiding in. In order to obtain it, Lucas must lure the Ultimate Chimera outside of the room and into the hallway, and quickly sneak into the bathroom.

Armor of the Mother series

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