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Apple Kid

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Apple Kid
アップルキッド Apple Kid
Apple Kid
Clay model from EarthBound
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Twoson
Occupation Inventor
Non-PSI ability None

Apple Kid's sprite from EarthBound. The Apple Kid is a kid living with a mouse in Twoson. He is an inventor who is seen as a slob and lazy among the citizens of Twoson, and fosters a strong rivalry and disdain towards Orange Kid. However, as the game progresses, he becomes an important character, providing Ness and his party with inventions that allow them to defeat Giygas's army.


Apple Kid is first encountered in his house in Twoson, which is below Orange Kid's house. When interacted with, he asks Ness for some food and $200; should Ness give those to Apple Kid, the mouse would give Ness a receiver phone, which Apple Kid would periodically call to inform Ness about an invention that he had completed.

After Ness and his party arrived at Tenda Village, Apple Kid would call Ness, informing that he'll be unavailable for some time, as he would be working with Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturn make the Phase Distorter. However, mid-call he was abducted by Porky, who stole the Phase Distorter and trapped him inside a tube full of strange liquid in Stonehenge Base until Ness rescued him. He then tells Ness where the book of overcoming shyness was located and starts working on a new Phase Distorter, which Ness and his friends later use to combat Giygas.

During the battle with Giygas, Apple Kid was among the first people to pray for the safety of Ness and his friends. When they returned, Apple Kid told Ness that the chances of Giygas defeating them was 99%, however their "courage" was able to produce the 1% chance that Ness and his party would emerge victorious. He then vows to study and understand what "courage" is.


Throughout Ness's journey, Apple Kid would send him inventions that conveniently solves a problem Ness and his friends were encountering. Apple Kid first invented the Pencil Eraser, allowing Ness to erase the pencil statue in the Peaceful Rest Valley. Later, he would send Zombie Paper to Ness in Threed via the Mach Pizza deliveryman, allowing Ness and his party to capture the zombies guarding the entrance to Grapefruit Falls. After defeating the Mani-Mani Statue, Apple Kid would attempt to send Ness yogurt dispenser, which dispenses yogurt, however the delivery boy incompetently loses it in the Dusty Dunes Desert, causing Ness and Jeff to search for it. His final invention sent to Ness is the Eraser Eraser, which allows Ness to erase the eraser statue in Stonehenge Base.

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