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The portion of America used as the setting of Mother.
The Mother overworld as it appears in Encyclopedia Mother.

America (Japanese: アメリカ America) is the setting of Mother, which is based on the real-life United States of America. Specifically, the game most likely takes place in Nevada or another southwestern state, considering the geographical features such as Yucca Desert, Mt. Itoi, a swamp and Snowman. Eagleland, the setting of EarthBound, is understood to be a parody of America. The Map provided in the manual is intentionally inaccurate.

America features 7 towns; Podunk, Merrysville, Spookane, Snowman, Reindeer, Youngtown, and Ellay. A desert, a swamp, a cemetery, a zoo, a nature reserve, and a large mountain are also located on the outer edges of the towns. In addition to these areas, Magicant can be freely accessed via cave passageways. It also has a large train station.

Locations in EarthBound Beginnings
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