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アレック Alec
Alec as he appears in Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Mt. Oriander
Relatives Flint (Son-in-law)
Lucas (Grandson)
Claus (Grandson)
Hinawa (Daughter)

Alec is Hinawa's father, Flint's father-in-law, and Claus's and Lucas's maternal grandfather. Alec is friends with the Magypsies, and met them through unknown circumstances. He has a laid-back and caring personality, trying to tell jokes to ease the mood.

In Mother 3

In the Prologue

The prologue takes place at Alec's home, where Hinawa and her children are visiting. Alec breaks the fourth wall to teach Lucas how to dash while play-fighting with the Dragos on Mt. Oriander, before they all come in to eat their favorite food. Alec also gives instructions on how to save the game before going for lunch.

In Chapter 1

Alec is found at the Sunset Cemetery mourning Hinawa's death with Lucas. When Flint and Alec ask Lucas where Claus is, he lies. Alec eventually makes Lucas blurt out that Claus went to avenge his mother. Alec harshly scolds Lucas for putting Claus in harms way, causing him to run away, to which Alec realizes he may have been too harsh to Lucas.

Realizing how dangerous the situation is, Alec asks Flint to come to his home with a weapon. Upon reaching his home, Alec joins Flint on his search for Claus. Alec informs Flint of a race of strange human-like beings known as the Magypsies, who may be able to help. The duo ardive at Aeolia's house where the Magypsies have gathered together. The Magypsies there tell them that Claus is headed to the Drago Plateau, where the two find Claus's shoes. At the top of the Plateau, the two find the Drago, and Alec helps Flint defeat it. When the Mecha-Drago is incapacitated, Flint prepares to thrust the Drago Fang into the beast when its child jumps up. Alec stops him from killing it, not wanting the young Drago to go through what Lucas and Claus went through.

In Chapter 4

Three years later, Alec is revealed to have moved into the Old Man's Paradise, in a room with a Happy Box, due to his house being struck by lightning and being burned down - the Oriander Observatory planned to be built in its place.

In Chapter 7

At the beginning of Chapter 7, Alec - along with Wess - rescues Lucas using a pile of brush. They claim to have seen Hinawa in a dream, who told them to pile the brush in that exact spot. They take him inside the Old Man's Paradise to rest. Alec is among the last to leave Tazmily Village during this chapter and tells Lucas and company about most of the town's citizens having departed.

In Chapter 8

Alec briefly appears near the end of Chapter 8 after the Mecha-Porkies are defeated on the 100th floor of the Empire Porky Building, before Lucas and party go underground to race to the final Needle below the city.

In battle

Alec can use standard attacks, but often wastes turns being concerned about his lower-back pain. When Flint is low on HP, he will use special medicinal herbs, though he only has a certain number.

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