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[[File:Icaruspedia icon.png|20px]] Kid Icarus: [[:icaruspedia:Main Page|Icaruspedia]]
[[File:Icaruspedia icon.png|20px]] Kid Icarus: [[:icaruspedia:Main Page|Icaruspedia]]
[[File:Symbol of Erdrick.jpg|20px]] Dragon Quest: [[:dragonquest:Main Page|Dragon Quest Wiki]]
[[File:Symbol of Erdrick.png|20px]] Dragon Quest: [[:dragonquest:Main Page|Dragon Quest Wiki]]
[[File:Tetris icon.png|20px]] Tetris: [[harddroptetris:Main Page|Hard Drop Tetris Wiki]]
[[File:Tetris icon.png|20px]] Tetris: [[harddroptetris:Main Page|Hard Drop Tetris Wiki]]

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