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{{#switch: {{{1|None}}}|wikibound|WB|site=de8e40|locations=6F9D9B|characters=D77261|PSI=8482D4|e8925c}}
{{#switch: {{{1|None}}}|wikibound|WB|site=ffc08b|locations=acefd5|characters=ffb1a7|PSI=bea7ff|mother|earthboundbeginnings|EBB|M1|EB0=41beff|mother2|EB|earthbound|M2=fa6e70|mother1+2|M1+2=afa3ea|mother3|M3=ffa100|smashbros|SSB=a8d0e3|console=ffce01|red=ff4747|orange=fc7f00|yellow=ffc860|green=5db56a|blue=1081ff|purple=b18dca|pink=ff7f9f|cyan=b0e1ff|turquoise=73adc0|brown=df760f|white=efefef|black=7f7f7f|silver=dfdfdf|gold=efaf00|ffc08b}}<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Code templates]]</noinclude>

Latest revision as of 06:24, 30 March 2020


For easy toggling between color schemes. This template works as the darker/background color for templates. Current parameters are:

  • wikibound/WB/site (Leads to the same result)
  • characters
  • locations
  • PSI
  • mother/EB0 (Leads to the same result)
  • earthbound/EB/M2 (Leads to the same result)
  • mother3/M3 (Leads to the same result)
  • smashbros/SSB (Leads to the same result)
  • Basic colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink

For more information, please see WikiBound:Color schemes.

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