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{{Character infobox
{{Character infobox
|enname=Rowe and Paddel
|enname=Rowe and Paddel
|jpkana={{tt|ローイング|Rōingu}} {{tt|コーギー|Kōgī}}
|image=Rowe and Paddel.png
|image=Rowe and Paddel.png
|size=Rowe and Paddel
|size=Rowe and Paddel

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Rowe and Paddel
ローイング コーギー Rowing
Rowe and Paddel
Rowe and Paddel as they appear in Mother 3.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 4
Occupation Tazmily Boat Club members

Rowe and Paddel are beneficial characters in Mother 3. Despite being named, their name in the dialogue box is simply displayed as "Man", being of the few named characters to do this.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Rowe and Paddel can be seen near the Old Man's Paradise at the river. Paddel claims to be the president of the Tazmily Boat Club, while Rowe explains he is the newest member. Both of them say that the Tazmily Boat Club is going great despite not actually having a boat.

In Chapter 7

Rowe and Paddel gather around to look at Ionia who the villagers found tied up and rolling around. Paddel claims Ionia must have interests different from regular people, while Rowe says Ionia should go back to the forest. Ionia explains that she needs to go up the river, so Paddel offers to let Lucas's party use their newly-acquired boat. The player can choose to walk to Aeolia's house or to use the boat to go there safely. After the residents begin leaving Tazmily Village, their boat can be found abandoned by the river.

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