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バレンタイン Valentine

Ellay as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas
Live House
Look-Out Tower
Mt. Itoi

Ellay is the last settlement of Mother. It is infamous for the Bla-Bla Gang, and is the hometown of Teddy, the leader of the gang. The city has a couple of attractions to offer, namely a live house and an observation tower. Ellay has a population of 32 individuals, an average temperature of 16°C, and its main industries are industrial manufacture and dairy.[1]


In contrast to the other settlements of the game, Ellay has a police station, a harbor, an observation tower, and a bar-like building known as the Live House. Excluding Teddy, a total of seven Bla-Bla Gang members can be found throughout Ellay, six of whom automatically are battled when interacted with. Outside of the Live House, an individual offers the party a Live House ticket for $1200; it can however be purchased for $350 in the city's department store. An NPC in the city's hotel also kicks the fourth wall by mentioning that she has heard of a game called "EARTH BOUND",[2] being the English name of Mother.

If the player answers yes when a girl inside the Live House offers to buy Ninten a drink, a policeman will enter the building and take the party to the police station due to underage drinking. The weapon that the leading party member currently has equipped will then get confiscated by the police officer; it can however later be purchased from another policeman inside the station for the same price offered in stores.


Ellay is the third biggest settlement in the game, featuring an area of 12,062 square meters,[1] and is surpassed by Reindeer and Podunk. The city consists of sixty-nine buildings, twelve multi-storied ones and fifty-seven more house-like ones. While none of the house-like buildings can be entered, six of the multi-storied buildings are accessible, being the city's department store, hospital, hotel, police station and a building called the Live House. The city is situated near a coastline that borders the Pacific Ocean,[3] and it does as a result have both a harbor and an observation tower. Due to being located so close to the ocean, the city is surrounded by water streams, and can because of that only be accessed by bridges from the south and the east.

To the south of the city lies the swamp, and to the east of the city lies Mt. Itoi. The harbor and the Look-Out Tower are both located in the northern portion of the city.


After leaving Youngtown and traversing the swamp, Ninten, Ana and Lloyd reach Ellay. Several members of the Bla-Bla Gang roam around the city, and fight the party if interacted with. The party purchases a ticket, in order to access a building called the Live House, from either an individual nearby the building or from the city's department store. When entering the Live House, the party gets to perform on-stage. After their musical performance is over, the leader of the Bla-Bla Gang, Teddy, enters the building and confronts the party, accusing them of beating up on some of his fellow gang members. After a short battle between him and the party, Teddy interrupts the match, calling it a draw, as he gets impressed by Ninten's ability to fight. He thereafter explains that he wants to avenge his dead parents, instructing them to set off toward the mountains, and then joins their party.


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Department store

2nd Floor

2nd Floor
Name Price Effect
Antidote $20 Recovers from poison
Asthma Spray $148 Recovers from an asthma attack
Life Up Cream $194 Completely restores HP
Insecticide $300 Kills insect enemies instantly

3rd Floor

3rd Floor
Name Price Effect
Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP
Bread $30 Restores 20 HP; if Used instead of Eaten, it will turn into Bread Crumbs
Sports Drink $75 Restores 100 HP
Strawberry Tofu $975 Restores 10 HP; can be given to Able or Baker in exchange for the Swear Words or Words of Love respectively

4th Floor

4th Floor
Name Price Effect
Ticket $350 Allows entry into the Live House
Butter Knife $580 Weapon for Teddy
Rope $600 Binds a single enemy
Survival Knife $1200 Weapon for Teddy

Burger shop

Burger Shop
Name Price Effect
Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP
French Fries $20 Restores 20 HP
Hamburger $25 Restores 50 HP


The hotel in Ellay charges $165 per person.


The hospital in Ellay charges $92 per person for a treatment, and $480 per person for a revival.



  Enemy name Notes
BBGang.gif B.B. Gang May drop a Flame Thrower
B.B.'s Boss B.B.'s Boss Boss - the battle will break off after a couple of turns
Buffalo.gif Buffalo None
EnergyRobot.gif EnergyRobot None
Mook.gif Mook None
Nancy.gif Nancy None
RedSnake.gif Red Snake May drop a Magic Coin
Spider.gif Spider None
StarmanM1.gif Starman May drop a PSI Stone
UltraBarbot.gif UltraBarbot May drop a Plasma Beam


  • Ellay's name may be a pun on the common abbreviation for the real-life city Los Angeles, "L.A."


Image of Ellay from Encyclopedia Mother.


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