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Dusty Dunes Desert

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Dusty Dunes Desert
ドコドコさばく Doko Doko Desert

Dusty Dunes Desert
Dusty Dunes Desert as seen in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Gold Mine
Monkey Cave
Super Dry Dance

Dusty Dunes Desert (Japanese: ドコドコさばく Doko Doko Desert)is an arid region of Eagleland between Threed and Fourside. Ness learns Teleport α from a monkey in the Dusty Dunes Desert.


Dusty Dunes Desert is a desert that seperates Threed from Fourside. Several points of interest include a drug store, a mine, and the monkey cave. Because of the heat Ness and his friends can get a sunstroke which causes them to gradually take damage in the overworld, it can be cured by PSI Healing or a Wet Towel.

When exploring the player may find a black sesame seed towards the north of the desert asking to find a white sesame seed who hi wishes to apologize for hurting. The white sesame seed can be found in the southern section near the miners' shack who says she still loves the black sesame seed. The player can return to the black seed and tell the news which causes him to weep.

The player might also find a contact lense that belongs to a man in the Fourside bakerey, who upon returning the lenses will reward the player with a pair of dirty socks.

Near the road the player can find a broken slot machine near the Slot Machine Brothers, when inserting $1 the Slot Machine Brothers will spin and if lucky, the player will win a Chick, a Can of Fruit Juice, a PSI Caramel, or a Skip Sandwich.


Ness and his companions first arrive when riding a bus to Fourside, however the bus got stuck in a traffic jam, forcing them to walk through the desert to bypass it. Along the way they meet a gold miner named Gerardo Montague near small a hole asking for food and give him some.

Later they return to the desert to find Gerardo Montague has made a large cave, only to discover that it is overrun with 5 giant moles called the Guardian Diggers preventing him from continuing his mining. Ness enters the cave and defeats the Guardian Diggers and Gerardo Montague's older brother, George Montague gives him a diamond to help with the Runaway Five's dept.

Once again Ness and his friends return to the desert in order to find a Yogurt Despensing Device that was dropped by the Escargo Express's neglected class, and then enters a cave full of monkeys in order to find it. When reaching the end they meet Talah Rama who gives them the machine, and finally a monkey takes them outside to teach Ness the power of Teleport.

Points Of Interest

Gold Mine w/ Vendor
Monkey Cave
Drugstore and Arms Dealer


  Enemy name Notes
BadBuffaloOverworld.png Bad Buffalo 4/128 chance of dropping a Wet towel
CrestedBookaOverworld.png Crested Booka 4/128 chance of dropping a Picnic lunch
CriminalCaterpillarOverworld.png Criminal Caterpillar None
UFO.gif Cute Li'l UFO None
RunawayDogOverworld.gif Desert Wolf 2/128 chance of dropping a Sudden guts pill
MolePlayingRoughOverworld.png Mole Playing Rough 4/128 chance of dropping a Croissant
SkelpionOverworld.png Skelpion 4/128 chance of dropping a Vial of serum
SmilinSphereOverworld.png Smilin' Sphere Explodes upon defeat; 1/128 chance of dropping a Meteornium

Shop Info

This shop specializes in puddings and pendants!
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Wet Towel $24
Refreshing Herb $80
Calorie Stick $18
Skip Sandwich $38
Lucky Sandwich $128
Can of Fruit Juice $4
Picnic Lunch $24
Mr. Baseball Bat $498
Thick Fry Pan $198
Deluxe Fry Pan $598
Silver Bracelet $599
Coin of Slumber $1500
Arms Dealer Behind Drugstore
Zip Gun $425
Bomb $149
Bottle Rocket $29
Rust Promoter $89
Vendor By The Mine
Can of Fruit Juice $4
Cup of Coffee $6
Hamburger $14
Picnic Lunch $24
Skip Sandwich $38
Wet Towel $24
Popsicle $7


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