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Podunk is the first town in Mother, and is Ninten and Pippi's hometown. At the beginning of the game, many supernatural occurrences take place here, such as zombies from the cemetery nearby town, poltergeists in residents' houses, or animals going wild at the zoo. To the north is Podunk's Canary Village and a cave leading to Magicant, and to the east is the next town, Merrysville.

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  • ...there are a pair of contact lenses in the Dusty Dunes Desert to find, and if Ness gives them to a man in the Fourside bakery, he'll recieve a Pair of dirty socks?
  • the northernmost pier in Ellay, there is a fisherman who will heal Ninten and his party, free of charge?
  • ...if Ness obtains and uses the "Super Orange Machine" Orange Kid created, it will play a song and then promptly break?
  • ...there is a lady in the Ellay Live House who will offer Ninten and his friends beer, and if he accepts, a policeman will come and arrest him, taking away his currently equipped weapon?
  • ...there is a stray mine hidden in the Yucca Desert, and if Ninten steps on it, a message from the game's creator will appear?
  • ...after Lucas helps out the Mr. Saturns and pulls the Needle located at Fire Mountain, he may revisit the Candrum Underpass and ride a Mr. Saturn-shaped Pork Bean?
  • ...after Ness clears the zombies out of Threed, there are two NPCs that are supposed to be in the town, but are improperly-programmed and are thus absent?
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